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25 December 2014

Gemini XII - Agena EVA 1/48, pt. 4: Finished!

Well, merry christmas everyone!
Gemini XII is finished and docked, floating high over the earth with Buzz making a nice long EVA.
I changed a little to the model since last time, you can see what I did after the jump.
Here's a photo of the finished product. Well, as I say finished, I mean more or less, actually because I need to put four little shock braces on the back collar of the engine. Totally forgot about them. But with these shots you'll get a good picture of what it looks like as a finished diorama anyway.

Well, first I wasn't satisfied any more with the garden fences at the engine compartment of the Agena. So I tore them off and tried to make them from rolled up pieces of aluminium coloured paper.

But that wasn't any good either, much too thick. So I grabbed my box of sewing pins. That was a better idea in the end. Using CA in both the low and high viscocity variants I managed to get a reasonable little fence.

The service modules were made and it got a new brass tubing inside, ending up in one of the two thrusters, since the Agena couldn't handle the mass of Gemini's heavy helmeted crew that well, while balancing on a wire.  Below you see the brass tube sticking out of a load of white glue (and a little CA at the base). The two white pieces are for guiding the capsule to an levelled position and some extra glueing positions.

Also visible below is the so-called busy box, a contraption Buzz Aldrin had to go to and try fastening and loosening bolts, straps and all that.  Later I added the "golden Slippers to give the astronaut some foothold and the arm railings.

And then it was all as good as finished. Take a look.

As said, I still need to do the four small braces at the tapered end of the Agena's engine compartment.  I just forgot about them but I just fond them back and they will appear on the model as soon as possible.

The aforementioned golden slippers and arm railings.

Go Buzz!

Well, that was about it, I guess. I wish you all very nice holidays, with your loved ones and good friends. Take care and see you all soon.!

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