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16 December 2014

Gemini XII - Agena EVA 1/48, pt. 3: Gemini cockpit & yet another astronaut

Well hello, here I am again.
Still busy but now and then there's time to maintain the model building skills a little. Work on the Gemini diorama is continuing with the round up of the capsule build and the building of Buzz.

Here's a closer look at Buzz' empty chair, while he's doing his EVA. I added some extra details to his chair, like the arm restraints and all the belts, which float free now Buzz is outside. (all pics are a little larger than shown so click for bigger)
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In the meantime I also have assembled the outer hull of the capsule. It all has a very good fit. I coloured all edges of the cut paper with grey colouring pencil. (The watercolour type; this one you can wet a little and get a more even tint.)

Here the chair is not yet improved, it still is out of the box, so to speak.

 The inside of the outer skin was given the interior print of the second door included in the kit.This way, if you look into the cabin you'll see the actual texture and colours instead of just white. I gave the commander's window a dark blue tinted piece of gel filter. It shines a nice light on the white suit.

The opened hatch.  It has a transparent window. Why the other is dark blue? Well, I guess it's got something to do with being in space without having the ability to create that darkness. The commander is still inside and his hatch is closed. So he looks out into the darkness of space. So his window can be dark. The pilot's hatch is open, no one is watching through it and therefore it's transparent. Does that make any sense? Well, that's a pity. (-;

Originally I planned to make a little tutorial on how I scratch build those astronaut figures. I started it but got carried away in the making of Buzz so much that I forgot to keep on taking pictures. So here's the result this afternoon already. It's all paper except for the helmet and the visor.  The helmet again is a fishing lead pellet and the visor is a piece of gold reflective filter from LEE. The umbilical line is green floral wire I primed and painted with Tamiya acrylic Gold Leaf.

In the meantime Buzz also got his hands and was the capsule tested whether it fitted in the docking collar of the Agena target vehicle. (it did, very snugly.)
Next step: the white adapter rings of the Gemini and then this diorama will be ready for display!

Thanks for watching and until next time.

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