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19 June 2014

Time to reload

Well, it has finally been finished. The long documentary film me and my partner have been working on for two years has left our office today to go into post production treatment; sound-wise, that is.
Time for us to take a little break after two years of full throttle working on several projects at the same time. At some point there were five we had to deal with. That is a lot for a two-person business, I can tell you that.
So, it's time to get some well- deserved rest and reload. After my return we can start the editing process on a new project we've filmed in Cologne last winter. But that will be a lot easier than what we did with this last one.
At this time there aren't any paper model projects on the table, there are three started projects that I put on the shelf indefinitely and of course I also have some ideas brooding in my head.
We will see what I will come up with after my much needed break. Your guess is as good as mine!
Here's the trailer of the documentary I worked on. It's mainly in Dutch, of course. It apparently is impossible to embed it or I just am too stupid to get this right. Or both.

In short, it's about four people involved with the Groningen Conservatoire; one teacher and four students in different years.  We have followed them through one and a half year of lessons, learning processes, contests, stress, concerts, breakdowns, frustrations, but also the joy of making music. They talk about their ambitions, their fascination with music and how they developed themselves the time we've followed them.
Hopefully we will manage to get a version with English subtitles in the nearby future so we can show it abroad.

That's all for now, see you soon!
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