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10 January 2014

Black Arrow 1/96 [3]

There it is, the little rocket that could but wasn't allowed to.
The nose cone is painted, there were some blemishes when I glued it all together. That sometimes happens. Of course there is a little surprise under its shiny red surface. More on that after the jump.

The interstage skirt to the second stage had some fairings over it and I added a couple of small circles to get the surface a little more interesting. the original rocket also has lots of panels.

 Both business ends together. Very nice looks, if you ask me.

The third stage was a solid fuel rocket motor to kick Prospero, the payload satellite, into orbit. It did a good job, because Prospero is still in orbit, 42 years later.
Prospero was an octagonal shape, clad with solar panels. I used some high gloss metallic blue paper for making small solar panels to add to its surface. I Recently had a very good bargain when I obtained a busload of metallic card and other thick coloured paper at the thrift shop. All sorts of sizes and very very useful for these sorts of things.

Shiny satellite
Joined with its kick motor, which I gave a new engine, made from an ultra small-scaled RD-180 of John Jogerst's Altas V rocket model. I had one unused print lying around and I like the shape of these two-part engines, they tend to have a nice curved shape. Around it there's a small strip of aluminium sticky tape.

Aforementioned nose cone. I painted it and it had become a little more reddish than intended but still nice to see.

Booster stage, second stage, third stage on top and the nose cone together in a portrait.

 And how again did it look when joined? Well, let me put on the nose cone again...

 Like so.

Opel Rekord and Alpen Kreuzer added for scale.

Next? I don't know yet. In the background there is a little progress on the Saturn V, I'll post some pics later, maybe. There are some ideas, maybe I will do Planck and Herschel now. It is just as surprising for you as it will be for me.
And next week there will be a special report! Keep watching this space!
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