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05 January 2014

Black Arrow 1/96 [2]

There's actually nothing really black about this rocket. Funny. The U.K. government just picked colours with a noun for their military projects. The thing could've just as well be named Pink Bracelet or Yellow Xylophone. Well, I guess Black Arrow isn't that bad...
On with the show. Engines, interstage and second stage. I like this one. It's got a good fit and it looks quite good. It looks even better with all the greeblies attached to it.
Here's one picture, the rest is after the jump.

I added the engine bells. Later on, I painted the insides anthracite.

The engines were the first thing I did today.  They were a bit too long since I made the small beads act as combustion chambers so I had to cut them a little shorter.

The tank dome of the first stage. The Black Arrow was propelled by a mix of RP-1, which is an enriched form of kerosene, and high test peroxide, the stuff the Germans also used for their Me-163 Komet rocket plane. It caused the Black Arrow to fly with an almost invisible flame.


instrument tunnels.

Second stage.

first and second stage combines. Good fit, nice look.

The engine section of the second stage. I added some greeblies to make it look a little more realistic.

And this is where I am now. The rest, which is the interstage cone to the third stage, the third stage, Prospero (the satellite) and the glossy red nose cone will follow soon.
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