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31 July 2011

Juno (3)

Speaking of probes with an epic mission, Just a couple of days until Juno will be launched to Jupiter. In my little workshop the 1/48th sized model slowly is taking shape. I had three takes on the solar panels already, trying out different types of varnish and gloss finishes. Some were deep but started to fade the black to a dull grey, others made it even brownish. I wanted them to stay dark. I ended up with some brilliant photo paper. Glossy from itself, a deep, rich black colour with some nice nuances in grey tones in the hinges and electronics.

 First try. Not the right colour, not the details I wanted.
The gloss layer made it grey instead of deepening the colours.
 Hmm. Better but still wrong!
These are great. nice and deep dark black tones and 
even more detail than the previous printed versions!

Now we're on a roll. The main body has been upholstered with a chocolate wrapper (paper insides - better glueing results) and the High Gain Antenna dish got that too. I made the framework between the dish and the electronics vault underneath out of brass wire.

The small MWA panels, mounted on a rack.

The Microwave Antennas are huge plates on the sides of the main hexagon shaped body. I made them by remodeling Yogi's original design into what I saw on the many pictures.  Next week the solar panels will get their final shape. Main points of attention will be getting the arrays as stiff as possible. Got to think of something better than the razor saw blades I was experimenting with earlier...

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