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20 July 2011

Fakestok (2): Building a pirate ship!

While building the fake Vostok the Mil will carry, I did some research. How the model came into my possession is something I can't really remember. I download a lot. But after looking in the nooks and crannies of the interweb, some doubt of the legality of this kit rose.
It seems to be that this originally is a Maly Modelarz kit, and it indeed is from 1961. This one is a bad copy (I had to use a lot of photoshopping to get the whites back to white and repair some ugly bits here and there) so I do not really feel bad about it, but it still is not a legally pursued kit. Again, I really can't remember where I got it from.
The Mil Mi-6 helicopter I am going to add is on the other hand legally bought at Ecardmodels. I really was glad I could find an actual Mil Mi-6. And this seems to be a very nice model. But I have to start that one yet and let's not get too far ahead of things.

 The original one

Now I have to add some perspective to this story: The original is out of print for a long time and as far as I know there haven't been reprints of it, mainly due to the fact that it was a wrong rendition of Vostok but Maly Modelarz has recently reissued their model of Sputnik 3 of the same year so According to copyright issues it still is not very nice the model has been pirated. I decided to use only some of it in my build and most of it as a template but mostly scratch it.
In spite of the fact I reworked a lot of the parts and there's a lot of scratchbuilding involved in this one, I have decided not to post this one on Papermodelers for the aforementioned reason.
However, this here is my own blog and here I can show you what I want.

I started with the fake Vostok. Not all the original parts were used, I included some Cherkashyn parts and a lot of scratchbuilding, too.  I first changed the fairly crude parts of the original model to 1/100.
Now, the main section of the shroud was redone with a newly shaped escape hatch opening I borrowed from Leo Cherkashyn's Vostok rocket model. The only thing shown of the capsule itself was what was seen through this opening. I made the Sharik from a piece of aluminium foil I shaped around a bead. I edge-glued it to the hatch rim.

It reads "Vostok", but them Ruskies use some other alphabet Borscht!
The "Sharik" in place

The rest was pretty straightforward, actually. Cone, third stage parts. The stabilization part was fun to do. Small wings with the four smaller ones carrying these cylindrical parts. In an early French publication I found they assumed this were retrograde rockets:

There weren't any clues of where the French came up with the conical end section, I couldn't see it in the video anyway. So I decided the rear end should be as it actually was, the engine section of the Vostok third stage. I also took that from Leo Charkashyn's kit.

The ring was a full scratchbuild. I tested the parts of the original kit but they were far from a snug fit. So I decided to make it myself. Double strip of paper, 7 millimetres, and with some measuring I got them all just right and tight fitting. It sure looks like the original Fakestok.

Now I have been busy with my not so Papery Kosmonauty life, too, so I had very little time the past few weeks to really get some good modelling time. I did, however, make the base.
A slightly bigger frame than usual, in which I placed a piece of sandpaper which I painted and scratched some lines in the surface to act as seams between the concrete slabs. A bit of grass on the side as a finishing touch. I tried to give the surface a sense of speed to act with the soon-to-be-flying helicopter overhead.

So now it's on to the Mil Mi-6 heli. It's a biggie, even in 1/144, in which this diorama will be. It will compete with a shuttle in the same scale (the Heli being a little over 33 meters and the shuttle just over 37 meters long).

However, there will be some very tiny parts coming up, I am very curious whether I am able to get this all done. the original model size is 1/48 so I build this one at 33.3% of the original scale.

Oh the bells!

Will I make it? Will this diorama be finished? perhaps next time I can show you some progress.
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