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03 October 2017

Handley Page HP.42 Kroonduif Airlines [1/100] part 2

So here's the next (and last) installment of the HP.42 "Kalong" of Kroonduif airlines.
The plane is ready and has taken a nice place on one of my shelves.

Here she is in finished state:

Now below is the build story.

I started out with the struts. Always a little difficult. Where to begin? when to glue the wings together?I decided to start with the struts that touch eachother. I turned the top wing upside down and started in the middle. I used PVA glue which already was a little drier, so the pieces would stik in the goo a little better and maintain the angle I put them in.

With the N-shaped parts added, which was right before I turned the wing over, I glued the struts to the fuselage and the engine nacelles. The outer struts didn't touch the wing's surface but I didn't worry about that.

With some not too tight rubber bands I let the struts and the lower wing touch one another and let the glue do the rest. Here's the result.

In the meantime I also worked on the propellers.

The last struts added and it was done. And I was a ittle amazed about how sturdy the whole latticework actually was. There was no movement in the wings whatsoever.

Props! Pins, beads and some CA glue and you have rotating propellers. I gave them all a little layer of CA glue over their surface to make then sturdier.

Wheels. While Gary made his version flat, I wanted the pointy hubcaps to be real. And the wheels should roll.

Paper struts around the brass rod.

Aaaaaaaand Voilà! Main gear is on.

Aaaaaaaand there she is. In all her glory. "Kalong", A HP.42 flown by the Dutch New Guinea airline called Kroonduif.

 Doesn't she look gorgeous?

.... erm.. There is ..

Oh shoot! There is something missing! The mudguards! Quick! back to the Bauplaz!

Ah, there. Now that's better.

And that concludes the story of this build. It kind of was an inbetweenie but also not really because of the story I worked on for a couple of days and the recolouring which cost me a week (on and off) work. There might be a sequel soon.
See you all then and thanks for stopping by.

[UPDATE]: In the meantime my recolour has been approved by Gary Pilsworth and is uploaded in the download section of the Papermodelers forum. If you are a forum member, you can download the PDF file (with added back story) and build it yourself.


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