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24 July 2017

Zil 4906 (12) short update - Just one more wheel to go!

So there. Five down, one to go. This was this morning, after making four airplanes to kind of avoid getting any further... 

In front of the Zil are some small doodads for finishing the cabin, four finished wheels and one not even halfway through glueing the treads on, a strip of treads and trials for the upcoming Soyuz in 1/25! More on that later.
 ...And this here below was just minutes ago. Wheel five is ready. 

Now just one last wheel, the one on the rear on the right side, and then it's time for the suspension. It looks like there almost isn't any progress but with my job and all thins in my life beyond paper models it sometimes takes a lot more time to do just one wheel. And just doing a wheel over and over again gets tedious in the long run. Hence the airplanes. I guess I'll take another route for the suspension parts. Not one by one but all parts at once. Might be easier. Who knows.

See you!

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