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05 July 2016

Thunderchild (5); a fiery demise

While Thunderchild awaits its lifeboats and other small stuff, the second tripod is finished. It is shown in the action of tumbling into the water, the three legs cannot longer support the burning "head" and the legs succumb to the weight.
One of the hardest things to make in a diorama is fire. Of course, you can use light and real smoke, like they do in model rail road dioramas. That is something clearly beyond my reach. I turned to fiberfill for smoke effects and well, for fire, I used blotting paper. or something close to it. For the colours I used ecoline (or coloured ink, if you are not familiar with the aforementioned term). I ripped the paper in small shreds and tried to simulate fire. When it all has dried and set, I'll model it all a little more.
For now, here are some more photos of the tripod and a couple of detail shots of the ship.

Below, a load of 'beauty shots' of the falling tripod with all effects. the smoke is held upright with a very thin piece of wire. It has been coloured with dark yellow ecoline. That was hard. it almost didn't catch on to the fibres. I just kind of soaked it and let it dry afterwards. At least it isn't white any more. I might do some extra retouching when all has set and dried.

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