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19 June 2016

There is something cooking...

Although I promised a What-If, it has become something else. Creativity moves in mysterious ways. The idea I was tinkering with is not thrown away, it just needs more tinkering. And I wanted to make stuff. So there.

And yes! Today I suddenly found myself in my hobby room, with an Xacto in my left hand, humming and singing along to some old Paul McCartney tracks and Bowie's Blackstar album and also listening to the new KD Lang/Neko Case/Laura Veirs album. Which is not bad at all.

For now I just show you some of the stuff I am doing now, not yet revealing what it will become although it is easy to find out what I am working on...

That is: easy to see if you know what that silvery paper print is.
But chances are you don't. And I am not going to tell you.

What can I tell you? Well, it is a diorama, it will consist of three models, the first being this antique paper model, which is a free download from a German paper model website. The SMS Kreuzer "Emden" is a paper model from 1915.
The original model was 1:140 and about 82cm in length. A tad too big for my taste. I reduced it to about 1/780 or thereabout. The boat now has a length of just under 15 cm at the waterline level. The real ship had a waterline length of 117 meters.

Not bad for a one hundred and one year old model design. Not bad at all.

Thickness of my usual 200gpm2 paper led to some small issues with pieces which had to go inside the hull, but were easily solved bu some subtle adjusting cuts.

It has some interesting parts in the build-up. This front part has the deck shoved underneath it. The part itself interrupts the curved line of the ship's hull to make room for the forward fire-line of the small gun turret.


Forward deck added. It all looks a bit rough but it actually is a little on the small side,
so it is hardly noticeable with the naked eye.
Here just one more picture to show how small it is now. yet, it is still very doable, even though my regular 200gpm2 paper is a little on the heavy side. It will get its railings and chimneys and masts tomorrow or so, and then I am going to reveal a little more on what this all will become. Because this won't be the Kreuzer "Emden" for long...

Bye for now,
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