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02 May 2016

Still here (2)

Nothing new yet from the paper frontier.
There's a busy week of filming coming up, starting this weekend. Looking forward to that.
My hobby room has been a mess after I ground to a halt with the N1. Yesterday I tidied it. A clean room should give more space to think and contemplate on creativity.
Plans are to get the N1 just the outer fairing for display purposes first. The spacecraft inside can come later, if ever.
I think I really want to do another aircraft, too. Something out of the box (or its card equivalent) with the restriction I cannot modify parts. Just to get something nice going on again.
I don't like this tired, lethargic state I appear to be in. But the lack of creativity just keeps on holding me back. Hopefully that will change soon. I cannot force it, unfortunately.

Don't get me wrong, I have lots of plans and ideas. It just doesn't come out of my fingers at this time.

until soon, hopefully.

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