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26 September 2015

Still here - but not any thing to show

Work, work, work, I had to work on a film assignment with a strict deadline the last couple of  weeks. Luckily I finished it this week and hopefully I will have some more time on my hands again to start doing some paper work. Ariane 5 still awaits its shroud and I want to do lots more models. I have a list, you know.
At the moment I actually am doing some model stuff but it is in plastic. I'll show you when it's finished. It's a what-if version of the beautiful TSR2 in 1/48. Incredibly inaccurate model, the Airfix one, but since it is a what-if with some additions of my own, it doesn't really matter.

I have had a busload of things on my mind the past months and this year is a tough cookie. Unfortunately the first thing that suffers in such situations is your spare time, the hobby and your overall rest. So that is why there is so little to show you the time being.
It all will change again, there will be new stuff built, but it all will have to wait for a later date. Hopefully still somewhere this year, but bear with me and check in now and then, I promise you there will be a revival. But I cannot force it into being. So, be patient. I'll return.
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