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20 November 2014

Hey! Paper purists! Look away! A plastic model!

Because I like to show it to you, here's my styrene 1/33 Westland Wyvern in winter camouflage. It is still without its markings but they will be Dutch Navy. Because. As far as I know it also never flew in winter camo, so it is completely fictitious.
It's Trumpeter's S.4 late model kit and it's a great build. It always baffles me that most of the work is done with building the pilot's office and that it's the place you see the least of. A PE dashboard with acetate film behind it to show all the dials and screens. You need a loupe and a flash light to see any of it when you are finished. Oh well. I really like how it looks now. the only thing I really changed were the engine exhaust pipes. They were very shallow and had no depth. I used 8mm brass tube to make exhaust pipes that go all the way into the fuselage. Oh, and I detailed the wheels a little with some tubing. The winter camo really is an eye catcher.

Click for bigger

Oficially, winter camo is applied with a white distemper over the lighter coloured normal camouflaged areas of a plane, so it always looks a bit less opaque. And the borders between the colours usually are more vague than I made them here. Also, it easily washed off after a few weeks. I might have overdone the opaqueness and the sharp border edges a little but then again, it could be a freshly painted machine. Anyway, I think it looks very neat. 
I don't do plastic aircraft a lot and when I do them, I almost always make them a 'what-if'. And often Dutch. I even made up a complete storyline of which aircraft the Dutch air force had after WWII to back up the planes I sometimes make (the paper 1/48 Yak 130 from a while back also is part of that canon).
But okay, this is a blog mostly on paper models so I'll leave it to this. See you!
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