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04 May 2012

Titan IIIe "Voyager" 1/96 #10

It took a little while longer than I anticipated but finally, here it is. Titan IIIe carrying Voyager.
The short and long of it is that it was a fun build to do. Again, I learnt a lot. Different kinds of paper, effects printer ink has on those paper types And... first time using decals on paper models.
Yes, I got myself some printable decal paper and printed out the lettering of the first stage, which had become very faint and faded on the hull. The new lettering is clear, crisp and looks good. You still see the old letters behind it, the spacing wasn't just the same but next time there won't be lettering on the stage itself but added later by decal. Nice stuff. Now I also finally can try and build a silver coloured Atlas with a Mercury on top.
I digress.
Let's get back to the Titan.

The last part I made was the gas vent coming out of the shroud. This took care of the gases from the Centaur cryogenic fuel tank. Both solids were fun to make. All out of photo paper I had to carefully use super glue to get it all tight and glued. The petalled nose cones were a challenge but it was a problem which was easily solved and the TVC tanks also were well designed and came together very easy.

I used a small photo frame, drilled a hole in it and inserted the top of a knitting needle in the back plate. One of the SRM's slides over it and keeps the rocket up straight.
The other one was given a more realistic exhaust nozzle, going deep into the white cylinder. All the struts holding the SRM's against the main rocket were made from aluminium tape, rolled around a smaller knitting needle. After fitting they got a dab of paint.

All the nose cones were petalled, even the small TVC tank ones. The straps were made of photo paper and aluminium tape.

 Another first was the use of decals on the rocket. The old lettering still is visible but I don't really care because the new one is so good.

Well, this was it, then as far as the Titan IIIe goes. Next up: a what-if!
[edit] .. or maybe not yet! (-;
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