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13 June 2011

STS - 1 Finished!

Well, the job is done. 
Apart from the thick-paper-issue I always have (Well why don't I use thinner paper then? You tell me!) This build was easy and an enjoying experience.
Last night I redid the base of the diorama by scratching some lines into the sides of the slope because it wasn't concrete-like enough in my eyes. I saw in a photo LC39 was made of thick concrete slabs and I tried to imitate that. It might look quite exaggerated but it certainly looks like stone or concrete now instead of sand.

All the steering rods were made of brass wire, easier and the same result. (I said it before, I say it again, I am no purist.) A dab of paint finished the look.

Last was the coming together on the diorama base.
Here's some pictures.

Up next is something different: The soon-to-be-launched Jupiter probe named Juno.
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