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20 June 2015


The Ariane still awaits its shroud. I felt like making a bird. I like birds. A lot. So that's why I also make bird models. Here are Johan Scherft's Starling (De Spreeuw) which I bought via Zeist Bouwplaten (Diderick A. den Bakker's webshop) and also Johan Scherft's Wren (Winterkoninkje) which is downloadable from Johan Scherft's website, just like a couple of other birds. Do try them. They're lovely to make.
Both went together very easily. I modified both a little. More of the story below.

13 June 2015

Still Here

...But having a bit of a holiday-ish time at the moment.
Ariane is awaiting its shroud, there's a partially built starling on the desk and the sun is out.
I am enjoying the weather and the company of my awesome girlfriend.
In about a week or so I am back at the cutting mat.
Until then, go outside, have a beer or a nice cold white wine, enjoy the weather, each other, and have fun.
See you in a bit.
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