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20 July 2015

Another update

Hi people.
Just to let you know that I am about to tackle the Ariane shroud again.
And that I have updated the gallery.
It now has pictures of almost all of my finished models as well as links to the original build stories.
Just so that you know. Enjoy the loooooooooong scroll down.

14 July 2015


Hi people.

Not that I owe you all any explanation for my absence, but here is one anyway.

Lately I am occupied with lots of job-related things and taking care of my sweet girlfriend who needs me to improve on her health again. She improves a little every day but it will take a lot of time until she's better. 
Both the job and the nursery stuff take up lots of time so that puts the paper model things on a low priority level, unfortunately.
I occasionally do some paper stuff but not a lot. Most of the time I just don't feel like it. And that's why although this year started out quite prolific, it now came to an almost grinding halt.

How's stuff then, now?
Well, I have built some more Johan Scherft birds. I did another version of the wren after I made the starling and I recently finished the goldcrest. So now I have quite an aviary on my shelves. For the birds I chose to use 120 g/m2 paper because I find the advised 80 g/m2 too thin. But that's just me. The wren was slightly modified, too, because I opened its little beak so now it sings. The older version was put on a small branch inside a display case and I gave it to my mum, who loved it. So it got a good home.

The Ariane awaits finishing too, of course. I did the cylindrical part of the fairing weeks ago.  I wanted to improve the two halves over all the previous attempts with splitting shrouds I tried over the years.
So I tried a tongue and groove connection by putting an extra layer between the inner and outer wall. It looked great, it worked like a charm. it was on a hot day when I made it and while the idea worked great, it dried up totally wrong. I took the mould away too soon, I guess. The end result was totally unusable. I haven't got myself making it again.

The tongue part of the shroud half. Some more pictures after the jump. 
I have to say, I like the abstractness of the photo. (-:

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