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27 March 2015

Short update

Still here, not to worry.
I just had some quite disrupting stuff happening the last few weeks, that made me shift my attention away from paper and model making. One of the things was that my bag was stolen, with all my keys, wallet and reading glasses inside. The whole situation has put me back about 500 euros of getting all my stuff back together Changing locks, new driver's license, you name it. Great. Fantastic. 
But because of the loss of my glasses I wasn't able to do any paper stuff at all. Now I have a new pair and I can continue the build of the Ariane. Soon an update will appear here at this very place!
For now, have fun and a good weekend.

10 March 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt.10

There was a moment on which I thought I couldn't get it right. But then I thought I also have made Voyager in this very same scale. So why not Planck?
So I tried.
It al still is in a state of further development but the base is there.
More pics after the jump.

05 March 2015

Ariane 5 1/96, pt.9

A little bit of building has been done today! Hurray!
I have been busy with all kind of private and job-related stuff because I indeed appear to have a life outside being Paper Kosmonaut. That happens. Well, enough chit chat. What has been done, PK?

Well, I started a little on Planck, one of the two space telescopes on board of the Ariane and I further detailed the second stage. Here is a photo of the second stage as it is now. 

More after the jump.

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